Conference Topics

Water Desalination and purification processes
► Solutions to increase the efficiency of reverse osmosis desalination
► plants to reduce the cost
► Improving the outlet water quality
► Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration
► Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology
► Hybrid systems
► Fouling and scaling and material selection
► Corrosion protection, monitoring, and control in the desalination industry
► Wastewater treatment

► Seawater desalination and general problems
► Heat and mass transfer in seawater desalination systems
► Membrane Technologies
► Thermal Desalination processes
► Intake and Pretreatment
▼ special focus on
- Reverse Osmosis (RO)
- Membrane Distillation (MD)
► Novel desalination technologies

Water resource management

► Water Economics, financing, demand and supply
► Water for remote areas

Sustainable Water Technologies
▼ Energy
- Renewable energies
- Solar energy desalination technology
- Energy recovery technology
▼ Environmental impact of Water Desalination and purification
- Brine disposal and removal of specific compounds
▼ Special focus on
-- Middle East case studies
► Innovative water Technologies (biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence)

Important Dates

The important dates and deadlines for the 1st International Conference on Desalination and Water Purification (ICDWP2021) are as follows

16-18 Feb 2021
Paper Submission Deadlines 4 Jan 2021
Notification to Authors 19 Jan 2021
Final Version of Accepted Submissions 24 Jan 2021
Early-Bird Registration Before 4 Jan 2021
Regular Registration* From 5 Jan 2021 to 19 Jan 2021
Late Registration From 20 Jan 2021 to 10 Feb 2021

*This is the registration deadline for all authors